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iCade-Shield Controller Module

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The iCade-Shield is an Arduino-compatible arcade interface controller module specifically designed for the ION iCade Core and iCade Cabinet arcade stick controllers. Play all kinds of games on the Raspberry Pi, OUYA, PC, Mac, and Android tablets (with an OTG cable) by modifying your iCade Core or iCade Cabinet using the iCade-Shield. The original bluetooth controller board can be replaced with the iCade-Shield. You can reprogram the iCade-Shield using the Arduino IDE for custom keyboard, mouse, and joystick moves. Use your joystick as a mouse and assign any type of keystrokes to joystick buttons for your games. Get more than one to create a multiplayer arcade experience. Create your own arcade game experience system with this USB reprogrammable arcade stick interface module. Includes USB cable and iCade-Shield module. Arduino source code and documentation can be found on GitHub.


  • Teensy LC Arduino-compatible iCade Shield with XBee Socket (support for Bluetooth, 802.15.4, and Wi-Fi projects)
  • Plug-and-play replacement board for ION iCade Core Arcade Stick (USB and wireless) and ION iCade Cabinet (USB only) Controllers
  • Comes preprogrammed ready to emulate a USB Joystick, Keyboard, and Mouse. Supports Bluetooth Joystick, Keyboard, and Mouse (need additional module)
  • Works with Raspberry Pi, OUYA, PC, Mac, Linux, and Android Tablets (need OTG cable)
  • Already assembled with Arduino project examples (example projects available at

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