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NeoPix Arcade Kit - 1D Game System

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The Circuit Playground Express (CPX) based NeoPix Arcade Kit challenges students to explore and create CPX based games using CircuitPython.  The CPX Board has a host of sensors to create a variety of handheld electronic games.  We challenge students to leverage these sensors to build CircuitPython based games and explore electronic handheld gaming programming concepts on the CPX. We are currently creating a variety of games to explore CircuitPython coding concepts with respect to game programming on the CPX.  This kit comes with:

  • Example CircuitPython Games
    • Pong game
    • Football game
  • 1 x Circuit Playground Board Express
  • 1 x USB cable for programming
  • 1 x Battery Holder (3 AAA battery holder with switch) 
  • 12 x thumb screws for assembly
  • 6 x standoffs
  • 1 x Game Shield Board
  • No soldering required!
The  NeoPix Arcade Kit comes with a preprogrammed Circuit Playground Express that includes numerous examples games to get students programming immediately based on game programming concepts on the Circuit Playground Express.  What kind of games will you create with kit?