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Learn - Build - Code - Play

Welcome to iTapArcade where we provide creative ways to learn how to code based on creating arcade games on a variety of coding platforms like the Micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, and Raspberry Pis.   We like to demonstrate coding concepts with just LEDs and NeoPixels when possible.  We like to create arcade games based on some variant of Python to teach coding.  We are creating a series of arcade game projects centered around MicroPython and Circuit Python to inspire coders of all ages.  Follow us on Twitter @iTapArcade so you know when we release arcade kits.  Our kits provide a great platform for learning CircuitPython.  Before building a STEM based game you need to start with some fundamentals when it comes to coding.  We like to reference project documentation and material from  They are an excellent resource for fusing electronics with coding.

Current Arcade Project:  Micro:Bit Hoops Arcade Basketball 

You can play arcade basketball games but why not build your own and learn how to code at the same time.  We have developed the Micro:bit based Hoops Arcade Basketball game.  Below is a Micro:bit simulator with code that shows you how we made the MakeCode portion of our project.  The Micro:bit tracks the score and produces sounds when the basketball goes in the hoop.  Follow us on Twitter @iTapArcade and reach out to us to find out more about this project.