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Welcome to iTapArcade where we provide fun ways to create retro handheld electronic games in MicroPython and CircuitPython with just LEDs and NeoPixels.  We like to create games leveraging the micro:bit and Circuit Playground Express (CPX) as development platforms.  We are creating a series of electronic game projects centered around MicroPython and CircuitPython to inspire coders of all ages.  Check out our latest Button Shield Kit for the CPX to explore CircuitPython coding with Neopixels.  Explore how we create CircuitPython based games like a 4 player pong game.  Follow us on Twitter @iTapArcade so you know when we release CircuitPython based games for our Button Shield Kit.  Our kits provide a great platform for learning CircuitPython game programming with your CPX.  In the coming months, look for a variety of game projects for the micro:bit to help teach game coding concepts.

Current Game Project:  Creating a Car Game on Micro:bit 

Using the micro:bit to teach python coding concepts helps your students focus on core gaming concepts while dealing with the constraints of a limited display (5x5 grid of LEDs) to create games.  This is a great coding problem with real-world constraints normally found in various engineering disciplines.   We seek to create a MicroPython based car game with similar game mechanics as the Auto Race game shown below.  The Auto Race game is based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (before NeoPixels) released in 1976 by Mattel Electronics.  We seek to create a similar car game on the micro:bit.   We have released an a demo version of this game called Bit Rider which can be downloaded from our website.  Just download and move the Bit_Rider_iTapArcade.hex file to your micro:bit to start playing.  See if you can figure out the rules of this racing game.  Follow us on Twitter @iTapArcade and Tweet me your highest score.  If interested in the MicroPython code for this game send me a message on Twitter.