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Introducing the iTapArcade Tap Controller App

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We recently released the iTapArcade tap controller app for iOS and Android devices that allow you to use your tablet and mobile devices as a tap controller.  What exactly is  a tap controller?  A tap controller is a touch based video game controller that uses touch (or tap) responses to interact with a variety of video games.  Some games like one button games and rhythm games work best with a tap style controller than with a gamepad or joystick.  We created the iTapArcade controller app to add fun to those type of games while allowing you to learn how to program Arduino based microcontrollers.  To use this app for your iOS or Android device, you need to have an Arduino based microcontroller that can emulate a keyboard, mouse, or joystick that interfaces with a XBee Socket.  We use the XBee socket to wirelessly communicate with a variety of Arduino based microcontrollers.  In the coming months we will have a variety of blog posts describing what Arduino controllers can be used with the iTapArcade Tap controller app.  

The first Arduino based microcontoller we will use is based on our iTapStick interface board that uses a Teensy 3.1 to interface with the RN-XV Wi-Fi wireless module.   We use this Wi-Fi based RN-XV WiFly Module  to interface with the Teensy 3.1 to translate touches from your mobile device into keyboard, mouse, or joystick responses to interact with video games.   Follow us on Twitter @iTapArcade and get updates on iTapArcade app based projects as we create them.  In the meantime, you can order preprogrammed Wi-Fi modules or the iTapStick module from to start using our app with your video games.


Some of the games that play well with the iTapArcade app are listed below using the iTapStick module.  As we test more games, we will list them. 







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